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~ Our own picked choice for players looking for powerful and fast blade but with a great feel. 
~ It will be a trustable companion as this combination are pure natural wood veneers, which is very hard and fast. Excellent for attacking, lots of penetrating power with good control are the unique characteristics of this combination. 
~ Suitable for aggressive offensive players that like to play fast topspin shots.


*Please chat with our shop agent if you would like to have more professional suggestions and guidance!*

Gold Combination Set 3

  • 🏓 Brand: DONIC
    🏓 Blade: Dyjas Ultra Power
    🏓 Forehand Rubber: Bluegrip C2
    🏓 Backhand Rubber: Bluefire M2
    🏓 Control: 9
    🏓 Speed: 10+
    🏓 Spin: 10++
    🏓 Handle: Flare Handle (FL) & Straight Handle (ST)


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