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與 DONIC 一起發展您的業務

Being a club member in PJ Union is well worth it if you are seeking for some after work exercise. 9 table tennis tables, ample amount of playing spaces and indoor equipped with air conditioning are provided for our beloved club members. Our members are multiracial and multinational, including friends from Maldives, Mauritius, Poland and many more. Some friendly matches would also be held in our club through out the year such as the recent visit by the National University of Singapore (NUS) team. Best players in the club will be selected for competitive games around the nation. Over the years, PJ Union had been known for its honorable results with more than 20 trophies and silverwares collected since 2009. 

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我們的經銷商通常非常有限,所以如果您想有機會成為 DONIC 家族的一員,請盡快行動。

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Muhd Ashraf Haiqal​  阿斯拉夫

成為 DONIC 經銷商的步驟

  1. 通過電話或WhatsApp與我們聯繫

  2. 討論您的報價和計劃

  3. 首次交易

  4. 開展您的小生意!



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